The digital revolution has changed the marketing landscape rapidly and profoundly. Traditional AD agencies suddenly find themselves challenged by highly specialized stores that are experienced in new areas, from digital design to mobile application development. However, as many struggle to master the tools and services of the new digital marketing age, additional factors are making the competition even more intense.

Achieving strong employee engagement is a tough job for any owner, but there are methods and data that can help -- resource utilization is a good example. As a boss or leader, your job is to determine if your employees have the bandwidth and resources they need. Analyzing and tracking these data will not only help the company grow, it will also alert you to any signs of potential employee burnout.

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In addition to analyzing your team's time and utilization, talk to your employees about what they think and feel. Do you stress your team with too much work, monotonous routines, and frequent meetings? Are you giving them too little creativity and autonomy? Do they understand the company's vision and are they encouraged to get involved?

Your team needs to know that you're on their side and you want them to thrive. Ask them what problems they face, what solutions they propose, and what they want to change. You may not agree completely, or you may not be able to act on everything, but it's a good start.

More importantly, make your employees successful. One way is to give them access to the data so they can do their jobs more efficiently and successfully.


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